Creating A Perfect Space For Commercial Fishing

Posted by on August 27, 2019

When people want to go fishing they want to go to a place that is both clean and maintained as well as their boats are.  When creating a first impression with your docks and marinas, you want to focus on dock design pewaukee wi for the features it presents as well as its efficiency.  When people see that you take pride in your establishment they can be assured that you take pride in your boats.

First impressions

When creating a first impression you want to have a clean sharp look.  When working around water it may be difficult to keep everything clean and tidy but attempting to do so will win you points.  The largest thing you will want to focus on is the smell.  When near water the smell of fish, sea air and other foul aromas may fill the air.  Depending on the time of year having a fire burning with some aromatic woods can mask these smells. 

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Customer service

When coming to the docks for a good day on the water customer service is very important.  You want to have friendly and knowledgeable people working for you that care about their job and the people they help.  If you have someone that is rude or just isn’t interested in helping this sends a bad signal to your customers who will in turn speak badly about your business.


Your docks need to be maintained.  Pressure washing them once a year will help keep the wear and tear down to a minimum.  When using a pressure washer by water make sure you are using only natural chemicals and solvents.  You don’t want to contaminate the water or kill off the wildlife.

Painting and general cleaning are also great ways to keep the docks looking clean and professional.  White is typically the best color to use when painting.  It is a clean bright color that makes the docks stand out.