Just how vintage are you talking?

Posted by on August 27, 2019

How far back are you going? There really is no clear way of defining what discerning customers have in mind when they think in terms of vintage automobiles. They surely cannot be going back as far as Mr. Ford’s Model T. That, surely, is ancient history by now. But should you be ever so interested, there is always the museum. More than likely, you’re going to see all the other classic car lines that left the conveyor belts from back then all the way to as late as the eighties, as in the nineteen eighties.

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Yes, that much is true. Already now, this deep into the 21st century, automobile enthusiasts are talking in terms of this decade being something of a classic era. But not quite vintage, not just yet. The years have not rolled by that quickly to qualify the cars and trucks that left the showrooms then as vintage. You will be going back a few more years. But you all have your own impressions.

Fair enough, but this guy has it all. Say now that you are rebuilding an old Ford Capri, never mind the classic Colt or Mustang. This is a rare classic. And spare parts, you may have found, are rare to come by. But not when you can find vintage auto parts morro bay ca. Now it may surprise you to know that these hard-to-find parts are available online and that you can have those auto parts shipped out to you pronto.

The shipping business, you would have thought, is not so vantage vintage anymore. But how is it possible for one garage owner to organize the transportation of fender skirts and shaved door handles from one end of the country to the other? You ask?