Taking A Day Of Fishing

Posted by on August 27, 2019

Fishing is a great sport to get into. Casting a line into the water and waiting for nature to take its course is the primary function of a fishing trip.  Taking a large saltwater fishing charter jacksonville fl out into the ocean is an even greater experience.  There you can see larger forms of sea life then you can near the shore. 

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Planning your day

When on the boat you want to plan your day accordingly.  When on the water you will want to make sure you have plenty of sunscreen, motion sickness medicine and proper clothing.  When fishing you will also want to prepare for the big one.

The fishing chair

When we hook a large fish standing on the deck is not really an option.  What they will do is strap you into a chair and hand you the pole.  From there you can fight the great beast until you get it onto the boat.  Many fish such as Mahi Mahai, small sharks, eels and swordfish are some of the unique fish you will find on this trip.

Take pictures

Taking pictures on the boat is also going to be fun.  Sitting around enjoying each other’s company is a great way to pass the time.  Taking pictures will also help to preserve the moments forever.  Make sure to use a digital camera with different lenses to get great shots.  When heading back with the setting sun will also create great backdrops. Just be careful with the selfies, we don’t need you falling off the ship.

Create memories

When fishing you are creating memories.  You are testing your endurance and your ability to fight nature at its purest.  When booking a charter make sure to have several friends accompany you.  They will help reduce the per person price and will give you the opportunity to bond and have fun filled competitions.